Billie A Williams on Book Bites for Kids

summers b illie a williamsListen to internet radio with Suzanne on BlogTalkRadio. Tomorrow’s show will feature an interview with author Billie A Williams. We’ll talk about her latest book, “Summers: Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?: Book Three of the Farm Life Series.”

To listen to the show tomorrow, just go online to at 3:00 pm eastern time.

Call in during the live show to ask a question, make a comment, or just to say “hi” by dialing 1-347-539-5097.

About the Book:
A health condition made the doctors decide that Andy needed to be someplace where she would be less stressed and get more fresh air and exercise, which turned out to be a great thing for Andy. She got to spend summers on her Grandparents farm without any sisters or brother around. Sometimes it was frightening, being alone listening to the sounds of animals outside. Sometimes she was lonesome. But there were always new adventures and new farm animals that needed her attention. Andy was happy to spend her summers on the farm. Sometimes being slightly ill was a good thing she decided, but that wasn’t always true.

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